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Q: Sumac tree seeped a lot of resin and now has no leaves and appears dead. Will it recover?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016  

Q: Last year, our sumac tree produced a lot of resin, which seeped out of the trunk. This year, it appears to be dead and has not yet produced any leaves now (May 7). Is it dead? Might it recover next year? I would be grateful for your opinion.

A: Being from across the pond, I am not familiar with UK diseases; however, it sounds like you have some form of canker disease on your sumacs. Here in the United States, we have agricultural cooperative extensive offices where we can send samples to for a small fee or for free for diagnosis. i suspect you must have a similar service in the UK. That's where I would start.

Responder: Dennis Panu, RCA #396, Thompson, CT