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Q: Is it dangerous to have a bald cedar tree growing 4 feet from a house?

Monday, January 4, 2016  
I have a bald cedar tree growing about 4 feet from the house.  It's a beautiful tree and stands about 30 feet tall. A neighbor told me to cut the tree down because the tree would ruin the foundation of my house, and the roots could grow across the area between the houses and damage their driveway. Is this true? Is it a danger having this tree so close to the house?

A: While any type of tree roots can be invasive to a compromised building foundation, bald cypress, like most conifers, is less inclined to invade a strong, well-built home. Every site is different, and without knowing the exact circumstances of your situation or the condition of your foundation and driveway base, it would be very difficult to advise you. The presence of bald cypress does not necessarily predispose your foundation erosion. I recommend you have an expert take a look before making any decisions to remove the tree.

Responder: Marty Shaw, RCA #470, Franklin, TN